VinoPorter (ViPo) is the ideal solution for carrying your glass at a wine tasting or wine fair. Simply place your glass into your ViPo when you arrive and leave it there until you're done.

How it works

Position the glass in the ViPo




Advantages for wine tasters

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Easily hold your glass in the ViPo while pouring in the wine, evaluating its color, guiding the glass toward your mouth and pouring out the wine when you're finished.



ViPo allows you to have your hands free the whole time to take tasting notes, greet friends, enjoy hors d'oeuvres and much more without ever having to decide where to place your glass. Never again will you have to worry about your glass falling over or missing out on your deposit because you misplaced your glass. You can easily adjust the length of the lanyard.



Unlike with other hands-free wine glass holders, you don't need to remove the glass from the holder to take a sip – enjoy your wine without ever touching the rim or bowl of the glass! And with the ViPo hanging comfortably from your neck, you never have to worry about unintentionally picking up someone else's glass.

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ViPo prevents your wine glass from tipping over or leaving unsightly red wine stains on your clothes.

ViPo makes the perfect gift!

This convenient wine tasting glass holder comes in a deluxe, modern rounded box with a complimentary wine glass and is the ideal gift for wine enthusiasts and aficionados as well as clients.

Advantages for wine tasting hosts

For large-scale wine tastings, we also offer a more streamlined and affordable option with the same functions that can also be made to fit any wine glass shape or size.



With ViPo you only need one glass per customer, greatly reducing how many wine glasses you need to set out and clean. ViPo can be used at all standing wine tasting events.



ViPo is reusable. The practical wine glass holder and lanyard can be used at any wine tasting event. ViPo is of course "Made in Germany".



The standard ViPo is designed to carry a tasting glass from a German glass manufacturer. However, it can be made to order to fit any wine glass size. You can also advertise your brand on the lanyard or on a fabric label or patch affixed to the ViPo.



ViPo is the ideal way to keep people from unintentionally touching someone else’s glass, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

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